Providing a transformative undergraduate experience


About Preston Residential College


As a creative and vibrant undergraduate living and learning community, Preston Residential College is committed to building leaders and transforming the world. We achieve this through civic engagement, meaningful relationships with faculty and staff, creative expression, a unique dining facility and intellectual exchange through diversity of thought. Committed to mentorship, leadership development, social interaction, and student-led initiatives, we strive to engage our students in learning both within and beyond the classroom.


Preston Residential College seeks to provide a transformative undergraduate experience by fostering a close-knit family of scholars, purposeful interactions, a commitment to servant leadership, and a passion for civic engagement.



Anyone can live at Preston Residential College! Housing is open to 227 men and women, first year students to super seniors from all undergradaute colleges. Founded in 1995 and modeled after the traditional residential colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, Preston Residential College adheres to the idea that the sharing of space, food, ideas, and life will make for a more enriching and successful college experience.