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Preston Associates

Preston Residential College is proud to call many University faculty, staff, and community members our Associates. Preston Associates regularly join students at dinner, offer seminars and classes to Preston residents, and advise students regarding academic matters. These committed faculty, staff, and community members also attend events, banquets and many other student activities. Active associates even collaborate with Preston residents to plan unique activities on their own. For more ways to engage with our Associates, please check out some of the ideas we presented as part of our Preston Associate Expectations. Complete the Student/Associate Pick 5 activity and receive a special gift!

Meet our wonderful Associates!
Christian Anderson Pastor Frank Anderson

Frenche Brewer Mark Cooper
Christian Anderson
Education Leadership & Policies
Pastor Frank Anderson
Lutheran Campus Ministry

Frenche Brewer

African-American Studies

Mark Cooper
Film and Media Studies / English
Emily Davis John Dozier Karen Edwards Casey Goldston Giraudy
Emily Davis
Distributed Learning Support Services
John Dozier
Diversity and Inclusion
Karen Edwards
College of Hospitality, Retail and Tourism Management
Casey Goldston Giraudy
Public Health
John Grady Kunio Hara April Hiscox Mark Macauda
John Grady
Sport and Entertainment Management
Kunio Hara
April Hiscox
Mark Macauda
Office of Practice and Community Engagement
Julie Morris William Morris Lucille Mould Shaun Owens
Julie Morris
Office of Undergraduate Research
William Morris
Educational Studies
Lucille Mould
Shaun Owens
Social Work
Maureen Petkewich Jane Przybysz Luis Sierra Abbas Tavakoli
Maureen Petkewich
Jane Przybysz
McKissick Museum
Luis Sierra
Leadership and Service Center
Abbas Tavakoli
Jean Weingarth Gavin Weiser Laura Woliver  
Jean Weingarth
Koger Center
Gavin Weiser
Office of Multicultural
Student Affairs
Laura Woliver
Political Science