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Preston Residential College future residents

Interested in living in Preston Residential College while at UofSC?

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We are so excited that you are interested in joining the Preston Residential College community! Preston Residential College is a creative and vibrant community open to all undergraduates and to all academic majors on the USC-Columbia campus. With longstanding traditions, innovative programming, student initiatives, faculty mentoring, and a unique dining facility, Preston Residential College Residential College fosters a dynamic living and learning environment that promotes intellectual exchange, leadership development, social interaction, and creative expression beyond the traditional confines of the classroom.

Fast facts:

  • 225 residents
  • academic scholars, artists, athletes, leaders and those interested in service all call Preston home!
  • all class levels are represented
  • Preston residents come from every undergraduate college
  • our residents are involved in many areas of study
  • lots of organizations to join based on your interests
  • there is always something going on in Preston!