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Garden Committee

The Garden Committee works to help Preston students engage in horticulture and experience the fun and sense of responsibility that comes with nurturing our environment. We have two vegetable plots (affectionately named "Kale Yeah" and "Mint to Be"), a backyard filled with beautiful flowers, and a brand new meditation garden that serves as an area dedicated to bringing peace to Preston residents.


Garden Committee end of year recap video

Garden Comittee end of year recap image

Sonna Boothroyd

Sonna Boothroyd (Chair)

Sonna Boothroyd is a sophomore Social Work student. Her love for people spills over to a love for nature, making her a self-proclaimed tree hugger. Her love for all things green began when she was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, her family began to run what was known as the neighborhood garden where one could find any kind of vegetable. She has a passion for healthy living and enjoys cooking, spending time in nature, and being near any body of water. As chair of garden committee, she aspires to ignite the hearts of Preston residents with a passion for nutrition and sustainability through growing Preston’s own organic vegetables and herbs.

John David Rinehart

John David Rinehart (Vice Chair)

John David Rinehart is a Freshman Business Accounting/Finance student. In his free time, JD enjoys hiking, water skiing, and working at the OREC center as a belay instructor. He has been a “camp kid” since he was 5 years old at Camp Cherokee in Kings Mountain, SC, and a counselor for the past 4 years. This taught him a love for the outdoors and appreciation of nature. This passion directed him to begin research and advocacy in environmental sustainability in his Senior year, and in particular, the upkeep of his high school’s community garden. To further this avenue of service, he has taken the role of Vice Chair of the Garden Committee. With this opportunity, he intends on sparking the interest of self-sustaining food supply in as many Preston residents as he can!