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Preston Residential College Principals

Our distinguished leaders throughout the years!

Don Greiner

Dr. Don Greiner
Preston Residential College

Kevin and Becky Lewis

Drs. Kevin & Becky Lewis
Co-Principals 1995-1998

Ken and Margaret Perkins

Dr. Ken & Ms. Margaret Perkins
Co-Principals 1998-2002

Chris Robinson

Prof. Chris Robinson
Principal 2002-2006

Matt Miller

Dr. Matt Miller
Principal 2006

Jim and Marta Stiver

Dr. Jim & Ms. Marta Stiver
Principal 2007-2010

Donaldson Family

Dr. Bobby Donaldson & Ms. Elise Ahyi
Co-Principals 2010-2016

Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson

Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson
Principal 2016-present



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